Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

I have achieved jam!

Yesterday afternoon, I made 5 and a bit pots of blackberry & apple jam from the berries I collected on Tuesday. It seems to have set perfectly, despite not being able to get the temperature up to the “jam” mark on the cooking thermometer. However, the old fashioned wrinkle test said it would be OK, and it was.

Blackberry & apple jam

This morning entailed a big clean up of all the sticky things that had been involved in the jam making, namely the pressure cooker (not used as a pressure cooker for years, but it's still a nice big heavy pan for jam making), the baking sheet and draining board and jam thermometer. Also the jars got a wipe over and were labelled and photographed before being put away in the upstairs cupboard.

Taking stock of the jam, I won’t make any plum this year because there is still some of last year’s jostaberry and also plum left. As I’m planning to make some seedless blackberry & apple over the weekend, this will be plenty for the year. We don’t eat all that much jam so there’s no point in making too much.

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