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In which we turn political and go on a march

I never planned to turn into a political activist in my old age, but Brexit happened and suddenly politics seemed desperately important. Anyway, we went on our first actual protest march last Saturday. The March for Europe attracted between 50-60 thousand people and it was very heartening to be with so many people who also feel that the country has chosen to do a very stupid thing and the Tory government are making things even worse by being incompetent about it.

People have travelled from all over the UK and I was surprised that it was mostly older people on the march. I'd expected to stand out amongst a sea of youngsters, but despite everyone accusing the old people of voting Leave and thus robbing the young of a better future, there are certainly lots of us old people who are passionate about remaining European.

Here we are waiting for the march to start.Waiting to march

Far from being simple as the Leave campaign promise, Brexit has turned out to be as difficult as balancing an elephant on its trunk. Better to abandon it now!

Easier to balance an elephant!

I have no idea what the rather odd statue is supposed to represent!

There was quite a large Welsh contingent, though we didn't actually get to speak to them.

Welsh flag

Wales for Europe

Everyone made lots of noise as we passed Downing Street. It was particularly satisfying to shout, "May out! May out!" as we marched by.

Downing Street

This chap has an ambitious plan if Brexit goes wrong! :)

Escape to Mars

There were lots of splendid EU hats on display. I'm going to make one for the next protest in Manchester on 1 October which we're planning to attend. Not like this, just a blue beanie with some yellow stars. I bought the yarn yesterday.

EU hat
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