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Snowdogs of Wales

I have been very remiss about posting here. You can blame Brexit for some of my absence because I've spent more time being political on Facebook. We've also been out out a lot on the days when I'm not doing Welsh class, Welsh conversation or visiting my elderly friends, so I don't seem to have been able to process photos and write LJ posts.


We had a few days in Cardiff last week. G had two days of meetings with his part-time job and I just go for the fun of it. I'd heard about the Snowdogs because the friend of a friend on Facebook is one of the artists who had been given one to paint. I'd followed the progress of Enfys the Snowdog and knew I had to see her in person. It helped that she was just near Waterstones where I needed to go to pick up a book I'd ordered online. The rest were just photographed as I wandered around. I wasn't specifically looking for them, but I photographed everyone I saw. There are over 40 in total. I photographed 13 and saw another one go past on one of the boats that travel between Cardiff Castle and Cardiff Bay, but I wasn't fast enough to take its photo.

Here are a couple of my favourites and also a link to the complete album on Flickr.

Here's Enfys.

Enfys the Snowdog

And here's a pretty one in front of the Welsh Assembly building.

Pink heart Snowdog

And here's the link to the album if you want to see more.

Snowdogs of Wales
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