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Helen's journal and online home

In which an old dog attempts to learn new tricks.

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Self-portraitI have lived in Wales for over 40 years. I recently retired from teaching adults and now I spend my time improving my Welsh language skills by attending a local class, chatting with people at an informal conversation group each Wednesday morning, and using the excellent challenges provided by Say Something in Welsh. I also enjoy crocheting, knitting and being a mod on Habitica.

In May 2007 I did the Open University course on digital photography (T189) which did two things: it revived my interest in photography and made me realise that I wasn't as good a photographer as I'd thought. Since then I've joined Flickr, which keeps me on my toes and encourages me to take more and better pictures.

Current goals: to de-clutter and re-decorate the house, lose the weight that's sneaked on over the last year and start exercising again. (It's funny how I haven't changed these goals for years, yet they remain the same!)