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Eowyn Challenge -- progress

Walking to Lothlorien

Miles travelled yesterday: 3½
Miles travelled today: 1½
Miles travelled so far: 59 (517 from Bag End)
Miles still to go: 403
Percentage complete: 13%

Point reached on journey: Just reached a small stream and started to follow it west.

Where I really went...

Yesterday I got plenty of exercise. As it was fine in the morning, I hauled the cardboard boxes down to the bit of wasteland beyond our garden to have a bonfire. Before I could do this, I had to hack down the Himalayan balsam that had sprung up again since I hacked it down previously. In the process of re-clearing my bonfire area and the overgrown bottom bit of our garden, I discovered that we have a nice crop of blackberries coming along. So I left the brambles where they were. I will clear them over the winter when they've finished fruiting. No point in wasting perfectly good fruit. :)

I successfully burned the boxes and the scrap wood left over from the bathroom makeover and the old door. It then rained on an off all afternoon, but I did manage a short walk up the bridleway and round the road back to town, thus arriving at the Co-op by a very roundabout route.

Then this morning I realised that I'd perhaps slightly overdone things as the sprained leg was aching a bit, so instead of going for a walk, we went for a trip on a steam railway. (see next post for details and pictures)

Though the forecast had said it would be overcast all day, the weather actually turned out quite nice. There were cloudy spells, but we had sunshine which was very welcome as I'd had to start using the lightbox again. Though I didn't need it this morning. I was about to switch it on when I realised that it was sunny outside. Hmmm, I thought, if only the conservatory wasn't in such a muddle, I could have breakfast out here. I then put my head outside and realised that it was pleasantly warm. I decided to have breakfast outside on the picnic table.

Which was how i came to notice the rabbit...

It's the one from two doors along and he seems to like our garden. I didn't even try to catch him this time and even photographing him proved difficult.

Run rabbit run

But when he settled down again, I managed to snap him with the longer lens...

Our neighbour's rabbit

The bunny was still frolicking around our garden this evening. I do hope he'll be OK. The owners don't seem concerned that he's missing. At least he's not going to starve!
View from study (sunny)

Squirrel update

I can has peanuts!
I can has peanuts!
The squirrel can indeed reach the bird feeder by clinging onto the wall with his hind toes and stretching out into space.
See how he does it!
See how he does it!
By leaning out of the window, I managed to get this shot of the squirrel at full stretch, trying to eat the birds' peanuts.

View from study (sunny)

Sometimes you go looking for wildlife, sometimes the wildlife comes to you...

Because I had to critique a bunch of stories from my fiction writing students, I couldn't go out taking photos today, but I just couldn't ignore this little chap who came onto the conservatory roof.

Grey squirrel

His boldness probably explains yesterday's mystery, to whit: why was the bird feeder no longer on its hook outside my study window and instead was lying on the conservatory roof below? I had assumed that either a) the birds had been particularly quarrelsome and dislodged it or b) being empty and therefore light it had blown off during the high winds the other night. Now I suspect that a squirrel was somehow involved. :) Collapse )

When I last saw him, he was climbing over the neighbours trellis trying to get at their bird feeders.